When The Hunter Becomes The Hunted

by John Wolfhooker

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released September 16, 2016


all rights reserved



John Wolfhooker Czechia

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Track Name: Superhero Anthem
We're all in this together
All partners in crime
We're gonna fight together
Till we lose our time
The good guys or the bad guys
Both fighting for grace
One thing's for sure
You’re never gonna see my face
Every time we hit the streets
I feel sudden rush of blood
Me & you - all lost souls
Let's show them what we’ve got
Hit the roof!
My confidence is bulletproof
Right now I just can't call it quits
Standing, one foot in my own grave
I'd rather die than surrender
So here I am completely honest
Facing the demons
Not expecting any rewards
These wars I'm fighting in my head
Not afraid to die because I know that
It's one for all and all for one

I would kill for a chance to save the world
To be the chosen one, to be the hero
This hopeless generation needs
Bring down the queen with the plastic heart
Her majesty will face the truth sharper than razors
With laser eyes I see right through you
Track Name: Self-Delusion
I know what you are thinking
Why are you always sitting
In the backseat while driving
On the road of life
Invisible to everyone
And feeling safe the way you’ve chose
Bowed head can’t see the light
What a tasty life
What a self-delusion
It's here for you
But you never took a chance
So blame no one
'cause you’ve never let them
Hear what’s inside
And if you can’t enjoy today
There's one thing that I need to say
One day you will die

Feel your spirit in the air
Sing and dance like no one’s there
Tell me who made you think
That good guys never win
And if this helps, let me tell you that
In this game called life we're all gonna lose
You've been wasting your time
Trapped in the patterns of past
And the promises of tomorrow
Stop looking back and let me
Show you the way because
This world is waiting for you
Track Name: If You're Single, I'm A Humbucker
Hello there lady rock'n'roll
Hearing my voice from the speakers of your stereo
You' re exactly what the they're looking for
'Cause your pride ain't the only thing you like to swallow
Love for a night – is that really what you're looking for
Exposing thighs hoping to find someone to
Take away the pain you feel

You don't wanna die alone
You're collector of the broken hearted
'Cause you've got a heart of stone
Your trophies in a showcase
You don't wanna die alone
You won't remember them tomorrow
Who will break your heart of stone
Like many times before?

Anger after a breakup
Makes you put on that makeup
Resembling Joker
But there's nothing to laugh about
I don't know what you're gonna do
Mad lovers coming after you

You don't want to die
I don' want to die
We don't want to die alone
Track Name: Beauty In A House Of Cards
When you see all that is outside
Did you forget where we began?
We were born from the ashes of wounds
Let's go find our home again

Don't stop, I'll meet you there
Inside we want the same
In different point of view
Don't stop until the end
Never let it down, It's all I ask of you

Once upon a time I met
A beautiy in a house of cards
Calling for salvation

Don't walk away
Rebuild what we destroyed
I'm begging you don't leave me
Say what you have to say
Just promise me honesty

The reason of my sleepless nights
Is the one I'm waking up for
I can't look at raindrops on your face
I promise I will bring back the sunshine
Raindrops falling on your face
bring back the sunshine

Rebuild what we destroyed
Rewrite our odyssey
Track Name: Watch You Fall
Now I see your face
Face it you're going down
You have crossed the line
Now I'm crossing you out
You pushed me to the edge
Then you hoped I would jump

I'm gonna watch you fall
'Cause I'm never gonna quit in my life
You're so wrong
'Cause you were only built to fall
When the water rises it's too late
You're so wrong
Trust me!

So now I'm armed and I know your address
So let's get dirty and let s get messed
Hear the doors say knock knock knock knock
Long time no see, huh? long time no see
I´ll cut of your tongue so nobody knows
About blood, sweat & tears behind my walls
The demons you sent to haunt me started eating you

Don't say you're suprised now
'Cause you know what they say
When hunter becomes hunted
There will be hell to pay

I don't need to hurt you, man
'Cause you already hurt yourself
If what you give is what you get than
You're going straight to
Track Name: Sectumsempra
Don't try to stop me, don't get in my way
I left fingertips on the gun that killed the one
Who left fingertips on my heart
I'm on the run to oblivion
You need to give before you take
So I gave you a Chelsea smile before I took your life

I killed the one I loved the most
I never thought I would become
My own worst enemy
Such a son of a gun!

Then you just realize with the prayer on your lips
The truth we are both facing
My worst excuse, your best mistake
Realize bloody taste of your last kiss
Flavoured with mortality
I summed up your last wishes
Watched them burn
Save me a place in hell

Don't try to stop me, don't get in my way
'Cause it took control of my life,
Running away from my thoughts
Buried deep in my mind
I'm on the run to oblivion
My body´s trembling from the madness that I´ve done
I kinda like it but I cannot find my way around

It´s good to be afraid of fork and knife
'Cause I will cut you up and eat you alive
my tongue's like darkness in the light
Stay away from me!

I left fingertips on the gun that killed the one
who left fingertips on my heart
but now I´m here all alone
Track Name: Not Afraid
Dancer, dancer
Did you bring me an answer
Thought that cold deed
Would help me to wash the pain away
Should I've let her torture me
Or beg her not to go away
There's another voice in my head

It's eating my veins, it's eating my veins
I don't want to be all alone
I'm seeing your face
Blurred in the haze
I don't want to be all alone
Want to be someone

I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid
To say who I really am
I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid
To face myself

It started somewhere
From out of nowhere saw you in the light
Whispering in my mind
So you left everything behind tell me you're feeling fine
Walking up and down in my head
It's eating my veins, it's eating my veins
I don't want to be all alone
I'd rather be someone else

I can't find another way to live
Track Name: Full Houses, Empty Hearts
We fall in love with money
But ain't it kinda funny?
If we've got full houses, empty hearts
We're going nowhere
Just because we don't care
And probably won't ever realize

At what point does your
Selfrespect say „get down on your knees“?
That noise in your head
Is screaming out and driving you crazy
Attention whores
Trading their skin for popularity
Something went wrong while you were
Searching for your sanity

Somebody find a cure
for the illness called gluttony
I want it here and now, can you hear that?
Can you hear the iRony?
Lighten our wallets
So we can see who we really are
We´re earning millions of lies
Slaver in disguise!

How much do we
Have to be paid to trade
Our personalities or hate the ones we love
Please tell me mom
What makes me who I am
'Cause mirror doesn't seem to find the answer now
Track Name: We Are
We are travelers
With packed bags but no destination
We are mockingbirds
singing for the glory

We are scientists
Trying to turn a sphere inside out
We are grown up kids
They couldn't catch in the rye

It's time for us to find ourselves again
We're dancing on thin ice believe me
I'll use an axe to prove that I'm right

We could be captains
Leading their ships to understanding
We could be eagles
Such powerful guardiens of the sky

We could be the consciousness
Of our bodies and our souls
We could be the inspiration
We found in Love

So many cities burned down
Faster than a piece of paper
Let's rise from the ashes again
Let's lead our ships to understanding
Let's be the inspiration we found in love
Track Name: Lost And Found
Do you see what I see
When we're looking in each other's eyes
Do you feel what I feel
As we're being paralyzed
Being left in darkness
Never felt so right
With you in my hands
And I'm not giving up on you
Till the world ends

I got lost but now I'm found
You dug my heart out of the ground
I can see you darling everywhere I go
And I have never felt so real
Until we made that secret deal
When I see you darling
I don´t really care about tomorrow

Just think about it
We should be convicted of being addicted
You'll be my Bonnie and I'll be your Clyde
'Cause you're the only one I would take a bullet for

I've never felt so comfortable in my own skin
Till you got under it, till you got under it
Track Name: Don't Panic
Ladies and gentlemen
Take what should be taken
I´ve got nothing left to give
'Cause my whole life was mistaken

Join me if you're not blind
It's just a state of mind
Spread you wings, open the door
everyone is looking for

No chance to escape from
The path we follow if we race in circles.
Keep following in someone´s steps
Till we stumble and fall

Take away all I thought I was
There's a chance for us
To find a way (if we can start again)
Away (we´re stuck here even though we are moving)

It seems like something's missing
If you don't care then we don't care
Why even bother guessing
With our blindfolds on
We keep marching on
I hate to rain on this parade
How could there not be something wrong

We hunt this light so hard
Flies chasing lantern's eye
Till we all burn out

We are not what they say
Or what we choose
We only are who we are

The things we chase
Will fade away in the end
The thing we chase
Are in ourselves deep inside

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